My nickname " Mall " means my full name,
May Ann Lumbang Licudine. I live in La Union, Philippines.

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Hello guys, Im still in the Manila Doctors hospital for almost one month. I look pale and thin. My recovery is very slow but i have faith, patience and perseverance. My fragile belly is a bit improved and my body is sometimes weak so i keep walking slowly like 1st baby step, hihi. Glad im drawing agsin, i thank my friends Jordan & J.a. who gave me art materials. When will i discharge here? I don’t know, I wait for my best doctors, they want me to become completely better so they observe me strictly. Please continue to pray for me. I want to thank you a few kind people who support/sent me monies thru paypal for my hospital / medicines fees, i cried happily, im blessed to have wonderful fans and people. I want to thank you for your prayers / sending good vibes, i feel quite overwhelmed. I love and miss you all.

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